what even is a blog??

May 27, 2022

Hannah Payton


so here’s the deal. i’m not the most poetic writer & my grammar definitely sucks.. but I’m tired of instagram holding all the power when it comes to my business. so this is my first step in taking it back! as i’m figuring out this whole blog thing, i greatly appreciate your grace! i wouldn’t be where i am today if it wasn’t for you! my heart is so grateful for you!

please allow me to introduce Haley & Spencer!! probably some of the kindest people I’ve ever met. they live in Charleston with their sweet pup Winston- we love some New Girl fans!! this was my first time ever visiting Charleston & it did not disappoint! i fell in love with their coast, colorful homes and vibrant gardens that were everywhere. i hope to back here again very soon!

Haley & Spencer rocked this sunrise session! you wouldn’t believe how cold it was that morning! but it didn’t stop them from going all out for their engagement photos. if you’re in Charleston, passing through or just visiting- shoot me a message! i am always looking for my next adventure!

“You love Hannah because she loves you! She is incredibly sweet and fun which brings even the most shy picture partners to life. She is also insanely quick at getting photos back to you – definite plus. “I’ve used her ore than once and she’s perfect. Thanks Hannah!!”

Meghann & Will

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